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JuiceBar Gen 3: 40 AMPS Single Unit

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Designed to accommodate the growing demands of mass-market EV adoption, the JuiceBar Gen 3 series 40 Amp unit provides the safest and most reliable EV charging experience on the market. Available in single or dual port options, it comes standard with a proprietary cable retraction system to keep cords neat and tangle-free.


All JuiceBar Level 2 EV chargers are backed by 100% certified carbon reduction projects that offset the carbon footprint of the charge.


Charging Power
Charging speeds at 38 miles/hour @ 208-240v.
Model: JB3.0-401, JB3.0-402
Connectors: Single
AC Input: Voltage: 208/240 VAC, Breaker: 50A
AC Output: 9.6 kW at 240VAC, 8.3 kW at 208VAC
Operating Temperature: - 20° C to +50° C, - 4° F to +122° F
Protocol: OCPP 1.6J
Pedestal Mount Dimensions: 71.25” High, 12” Depth
Wall Mount Dimensions: 36.5” High, 12” Depth
Cord Length: 18 feet (standard)
Connector Type: SAE J1772 Type 1
Communications: Ethernet & Cell
Energy Star: Double Ports Only